School Policies

Dress Code

The school uniform consists of a purple sweatshirt, t-shirt or hoodie featuring the new school logo designed by one of our pupils.

Children are expected to have a pair of indoor shoes for wearing in school and for use in PE lessons.

Please label your child’s property, particularly items such as gym shoes, wellingtons and sweatshirts.

Strontian School uniform can be purchased at:

Gilmore Sports/Schoolwear Made Easy

57 Harbour Road (Behind Plant and Fixings)

Inverness 01463 222022.

last road on the right before you get to Millburn Railway Bridge

or  online at http://www.schoolwearmadeeasy.com

Attendance & Reporting Absences

If a pupil is absent from school, a parent or guardian should phone the school or email the school on the first day of absence – the email address to use is strontian.primary@highland.gov.uk school number is 01967 402363.

If a pupil needs to leave during the school day for an appointment etc., he or she should bring a note giving details or the parent should phone the school to inform us of the absence. Where possible, medical and dental appointments should be made out with school hours.

If pupils fall ill during the day, parents will be contacted. Therefore it is essential that we have up to date day time contact numbers and emergency contact numbers for all pupils.

Schools are required to keep an attendance register. We have a responsibility for the care and welfare of all pupils during the school day so need to know the whereabouts of absent pupils. 

Where a child is absent for more than three days and the school has not been informed of the reason, we are required to phone home using the numbers provided in the emergency contact list. If a child has not attended school for a substantial period of time we are directed by Highland Council guidelines to find out what has happened to the child by making further enquiries.


When parents are considering whether or not to remove their children from school for a family holiday, they should be aware that such a decision:

will result in a significant loss in classroom experience;

will result in a pressure to ‘catch up’ on missed work by pupils;

could result in pupils missing assessments with consequential impact on pupils and teachers;

could result in the loss of curricular activities;

will affect school attendance records and efforts to raise standards of attendance;

under the guidance issued at a national level, most family holidays will be coded as unauthorised absence, only in exceptional cases will the absence be recorded as authorised.

In conclusion, we would ask parents to be aware of these considerations when making decisions on planning holidays during term time.  We have enclosed a link to the school term dates on the Highland Council website to aid parents in planning any holidays they may be considering:

The Highland Council - School Term Dates

If parents decide to make holiday arrangements during school term, this should be confirmed in writing to the Head Teacher.

Trips and Visits

Curricular and Extra-curricular Trips can be organised by any member of staff or department to enhance the learning experience of pupils. For non-adventurous local excursions during class-time e.g. a visit to local woodland, the village centre, etc., your permission will generally be assumed to be given.  A permission letter for local excursions is sought from parents during first year.

For off-site excursions, The Head Teacher will make the decision as to whether to give the  go ahead  for  planning a trip and only once appropriate plans, permissions and risk assessments have been put in place,  is a trip signed off.  For off-site excursions, your permission, as parents will be requested in writing.

Recent examples of our trips and excursions are:

Curricular field trips

Sporting events and fixtures

Extra-curricular trips: Usually in the summer term, e.g. to Newton Room (STEM),  Lochaber Archives, Swimming, Skiing/Snowboarding (January/February)

Residential trips: For a number of all-day events, such as sporting fixtures hosted here, Pantomime preparation, Health Days, etc., held here at Strontian Primary School , your permission will not be sought as the pupils are not off-site.

The following excerpts  of our policies are provided to summarise a number of key operational procedures.  Full copies of these policies are available on request.  School policies are based on Council guidance and exemplars which can be found at:

The Highland Council - School Policies and Procedures

Positive Relationship Policy

“Our shared vision is to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment where our young people will recognise and achieve their fullest potential and so, as responsible citizens, make their best contribution to the world in which we live.

We aim to provide a safe and secure environment for learning where mutual respect and courtesy sustain positive relationships and a sense of shared belonging.

We can say that we feel safe, we have respect and we belong.”

At Strontian Primary School we have been reviewing what we believe our best behaviour is about at our school.

We have discussed in class what we think is acceptable and what we think is not acceptable. In summary, we think.....

Acceptable behaviour looks like:

  • Being respectful to each other
  • Being responsible and truthful
  • Listening and doing our best
  • Sharing and being kind to others

To learn more, please read our 'Promoting Positive Relationshiops Policy'

Data Protection

Any information you have supplied or has been gathered from or about pupils will be used only for the purpose for which it was provided and any relevant procedures following from this.

This data will be maintained in accordance with the Act and will not be passed onto any other organisation without your prior approval unless this is a legal requirement.

Use of Photography

This is also a data protection issue.  Pupils must not take  photographs  of other pupils or staff without their   permission.


Under no circumstances should photographs or video clips from school be uploaded to an external internet site unless covered by parental permission and school policy.

Promoting Equality, Diversity and inclusion

Our children and young people live in a diverse society in 21st century Scotland. Strontian Primary School is committed to creating an environment for the whole school community that demonstrates shared values of inclusion, equality, fairness and respect. Our school recognises and celebrates difference within a culture of respect and fairness, and aims to meet the needs of every child in line with the principles of Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC). We work together with our children and young people, families and staff to ensure that inclusion and equality are part of all our activities.

For up-to-date information please see:

The Highland Council - Equality and Diversity - Equal Opportunities

In summary, our activities in school should ensure that we:

Eliminate unlawful discrimination, advance equality of opportunity, promote good relations.  Activities should not discriminate against any of the following ‘protected characteristics’ age, disability, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity.

Our full policy according to the Highland Council guidelines can be found at:

Promoting Equality and Diversity Policy

Administration of Medicines

(Office) Staff will only administer non-prescriptive medication when there are clear written guidance from the parents on:

The symptoms the pupil will show if required to take the medication

The name of the medicine

The quantity of the medicine

The time of its administration

Any side-effects that may result from administration

Staff will not administer adhoc medication for minor complaints, these should be dealt with at home.

Dealing with minor injuries

Staff will deal with minor cuts and bruises etc. These will be cleaned and occasionally a plaster may be applied to aid the healing process. Parents should inform the school if their child has any allergic reactions to plasters and neither of these options will be administered.

Chromebook Provision & Policy

In line with Highland Council Policy and its investment in the learning and teaching provision for our pupils, all P6/7 pupils are provided with a Chromebook and where possible for composite classes, P4 pupils as well.

The following page outlines the Terms and Conditions which Pupils and Parents sign up to.

Please see the following links for details of covers for Chromebooks and for further useful details about the Chromebooks including “Frequently Asked Questions” and details about their functionality/specification. 










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