School Improvement & Reporting 

Due to the current restrictions and circumstances surrounding the COVID19 pandemic, Highland Council schools have been advised that the School Improvement Planning process be slimmed down for session 2020-21.  The key focus for all schools is on the 'Recovery Curriculum' which means that we are focusing on plugging the gaps for all children who have missed out in any way during lockdown and its aftermath.


Strontian Primary School was inspected in 2017 and again in October 2018.  Their findings can be found on the HMIe website 'Education Scotland': 


Prior to COVID, the Scottish Government would regulalry update the national perspective on imrpovement for schools  and the current version can be accessed at the link below:

National Improvement Framework (NIF) 2020

A summary copy of the most recent ‘School Improvement Report 18/19 and Plan Summary for Parents 2019-20’ can be downloaded via the following links:

School Improvement Plan (SIP) Summary for Parents 2019-20

School Improvement and Reporting Standards and Quality Report 2021-2022

Other statistical information on Strontian Primary School can be found by accessing the new ‘Primary Dashboard’ at the link below:

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